About Larry Robertson and VacationHomeTechnology.com

Greetings and thank you for visiting my website. My name is Larry Robertson, and I am thrilled to share my experience and knowledge about the technology used to enhance the comfort, safety, security, and enjoyment of our Michigan vacation home.

My passion for both home construction and technology began at an early age. Growing up around the home construction industry, I developed a deep interest in this field. My father was a residential builder who built over 200 homes in southeastern Michigan.

My interest in technology began at my first job where I worked at a company with a mainframe computer. It was here that I discovered my innate passion and aptitude for technology, setting the foundation for an extraordinary career.

Over several decades, I advanced my career to the position of Senior IT Manager at a major software development company. However, while I was growing my IT career, I never lost my interest in home construction. In 1991 I obtained my residential builder’s license and built the home that my family and I live in today.

After purchasing our lakefront cottage in 1999, I began experiencing the worry of not knowing the current status while we were not there. Located on one of Michigan’s great lakes, we can get severe weather and very cold winters. Upon hearing every weather report showing that a storm had passed through, we wondered what we might find the next time we returned. Frozen pipes, a flooded basement, exterior damage, and break-ins were always on our minds.

Because of this, I started looking for monitoring and control products to give us peace of mind. However, I quickly found that the search for the all-in-one perfect product was time-consuming, difficult, confusing, and almost impossible. I also discovered that while products have been available for many years, many people were not aware of them or did not have the skills and knowledge to install them.

The first product that I purchased was a simple freeze alarm that called us when the power was out or if the temperature dropped too low in the cottage. While this met our needs for many years, when we decided to completely remodel the old cottage into a modern vacation home, I used the opportunity to install a full-blown security and automation system.

My unique perspective encompassing IT expertise, home construction, and home automation, allowed me to choose the best products for our needs.

Now, we can monitor and control everything from security, temperature, who is at the front door, when a car enters the driveway, cameras, lighting, music, sprinklers, and warming the beds before we arrive.

With total convenience and peace of mind in our vacation home, and the interest it generated among our friends and neighbors, I knew I had to share my experience.

I am excited to help others enjoy the benefits of technology in their vacation homes and to provide solutions that will make their lives easier, safer, and more enjoyable.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.